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Interscript | UCL Journal of Publishing is an open access academic journal on publishing. It provides a platform that fosters international debate on the constantly evolving nature of the publishing industry. The journal is managed by postgraduate students in the UCL Centre for Publishing and hosted by UCL Press. Interscript departs from traditional issue-based journal publication, and instead publishes its content on a continuous rolling basis.

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Object is the postgraduate research journal of the Department of History of Art at UCL. The essays and reviews included represent the wide range of historical and theoretical concerns of our current research students. The journal maintains three primary objectives: to present ongoing research within the Department to a wide readership; to encourage dialogue and debate around existing and emerging ideas in the field; and to review recent publications and exhibitions presented within the wider cultural context.

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Think Pieces: A Journal of the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Think Pieces aims to showcase exciting, up-and-coming work from a community of scholars, both students and academic staff, at University College London approaching one topic from a cross-disciplinary perspective. This journal is about opening discussions, and inviting varied approaches, methodologies, and academic backgrounds to interact in response to a specific prompt that interrogates an idea, issue, or construct, whose scholarly interpretation is truly multifaceted.

Think Pieces is a space for focused collections of papers, including those presented at the JFIGS Forums and other meetings within the Joint Faculty, to be accessible to a wider audience interested in the development of cross-disciplinary discussion and collaboration in Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences at UCL.

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UCL Journal of Law and Jurisprudence

The UCL Journal of Law and Jurisprudence is a law journal edited and published by graduate (Masters and PhD) students of UCL Laws. The Journal publishes scholarly contributions from academics, researchers and practitioners, as well as showcasing outstanding research of post-graduate students at UCL. It accepts submissions in all areas of law and jurisprudence, reflecting the diverse and innovative areas of research at UCL Laws, and its distinguished tradition of legal philosophy. The Journal is a generalist publication, but runs occasional themed issues. The Board of Editors assesses all submissions through a double blind peer review. From 2015, it will be published twice annually and will soon be available through open access.

The Journal’s primary aim is to make a high-quality contribution to current debates on local and global issues of law and jurisprudence. It also gives students the opportunity to edit and publish an outstanding law review, and showcases research undertaken by graduate students of UCL Laws. Finally, the Journal seeks to add to the vibrant intellectual life of UCL’s world leading law school, a place where originality and innovation are highly prized, and where the shared pursuit of ideas remains fundamental to the Faculty’s continuing success.

The Journal launches calls for papers for each issue and asks anyone who is interested in submitting to check the Announcements page for further information and deadlines.


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The Journal of Comparative Cultural Inquiry.

The name Tropos derives from the Ancient Greek and is intended to evoke a cluster of meanings. It denotes a particular figure of speech, or a whole mode of rhetoric, but also refers to the spiritual significance concealed behind the literal meaning of religious scripture. The word also indicates a turn or change of direction, and stands for an instantiation of something unrepeatable as opposed to something universal. In this spirit we hope to publish articles that stimulate critical turns of thought and deal with specific phenomena that have the ability to reveal more complex meanings.

Tropos is a journal for the Arts & Humanities, and will publish critical thought on any area of culture, literature, art, film, politics, history, philosophy, and critical theory, as well as other disciplines interacting with these.

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An interdisciplinary journal of Russian, East-Central European, and Eurasian affairs.

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Journal of Bentham Studies

Welcome to the Journal of Bentham Studies, dedicated to the life and writings of the utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832). The Journal aims to provide a forum for debate and discussion of all aspects of Bentham studies and utilitarianism. Queries, book reviews, items of information, accounts of on-going research projects, and short articles for the journal are welcomed. Please click here to download the notes for contributors.

To access back issues of JBS, please click here or on the 'Archives' tab at the top of the page.

Contact details: Tim Causer, Journal of Bentham Studies, The Bentham Project, University College London, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT. United Kingdom.

Tel: +44 020 7679 3607

The reformatting of the papers published by the Journal, and their transfer to this new home, was carried out as part of the JISC-funded EPICURE project, in association with UCL Library Services.

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