The Transgressive practices of Revolutionary Subjectivity: The Hunger Strike in Occupied Palestine (2012-2016)

Ashjan Ajour


This paper engages theoretically with the transgressive practices of the Palestinian hunger strikers, whose subjectivity is shaped through a web of interrelationships with the colonial power and its repressive techniques within the Israeli prison system. In the context of occupied Palestine, I examine the political subjectivity of the Palestinian freedom fighters, as performed through the radical political actions of their hunger strikes. These actions aim at emancipating the captive body and destabilizing the colonial power, even though they entail painful existential experiences and a logic of self-sacrifice.

I wish to explore the concept of ‘’transgression” and its link to subjectivity in order to illuminate the lived experience of the hunger strikers. The transformation process giving rise to a revolutionary subjectivity is not a mechanical process but a complex mode of transgressive subjectivation related to severe forms of dispossession. My aim is to theorize both the structure of subjectivation and dispossession. I will also attempt to show how revolutionary subjectivity relates to Foucault’s notion of aesthetic sensibility.

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DOI: 10.14324/111.2057-2212.068


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