The Bartlett, Architectural Pedagogy and Wates House – An Historical Study

Amalie Henrietta White


As Wates House, the Faculty building of the Bartlett School of Architecture, is soon to be completely refurbished, stripped to its bare bones and rebuilt upon its current foundations, the physical trace of what the Bartlett School was supposed to embody in Wates House will soon be lost. Using historical archives from the architectural press, UCL literature, oral interviews, carried out in 2013–14, as well as personal experience of using the building as a student, this article provides an explanatory overview of how the history of architectural pedagogy and its reform in the 1960s came to design a very specific building, reflecting not only pedagogy, but the cultural and economic climate of Britain at that time. Ever since, Wates House has created both resistance and harmony towards the practice of architectural education at the university.


Architecture; Wates House; Bartlett; pedagogy; architectural history

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