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Note from Opticon1826’s Editor-in-Chief

Marlies Gabriele Prinzl

Editor-in-Chief, Option1826, School of European Languages, Culture and Society, UCL, opticon1826@ucl.ac.uk

Here we are, then. It is with these words that Gesche Ipsen, one of the founders of Opticon1826 and its original editor-in-chief, commenced the editorial for the journal’s inaugural issue in Autumn 2006, offering a prospective readership the first compilation of scholarly and creative musings of UCL staff and students. In the thirteenth issue since then, I hope to do the same by placing the very first printed – not just virtual – Opticon1826 on your tables. (An online version is, of course, available for those further afield.) It is a special issue that brings you a fine selection of papers from the SELCS postgraduate conference Fragile Realities: Intersecting Interpretations of the Real, organised by and for members of the UCL community, and beyond, in July 2012. Carefully investigated and passionately argued by the academics of tomorrow – all authors are PhD candidates at UCL, some in the earlier stages, others in the final stretch of their research projects – the discussion ranges from the potential social impact of a schoolboy’s suicide on the screen to the depiction of the complex immigrant reality in painting. Although Fragile Realities is, contrary to tradition for Opticon1826, not a cross-faculty publication, it is very much an interdisciplinary effort that strives to break the chains we so easily impose on our fields and reach further – geographically, thematically, methodologically but also in its intended readership. Echoing Gesche’s words, I thus invite you – all members of UCL as well as others, elsewhere – to peruse and enjoy these pages: Here we are, then, again.



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