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Issue No. 16 (2014)

Kenniff & Sweeting There Is No Alibi in Designing: Responsibility and Dialogue in the Design Process
Narvaez The Architecture of Decision-Making Processes: A Game of Chess in the Spatial Configuration of the River Thames London 



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Issue No. 15 (Spring 2013)

Powell, L. J. Life to the Power of Two: A review of Mary M Talbot and Brian Talbot's Dotter of her Father's Eyes
Endomwonyi-Otu, L. C. et al Influence of Thermal Treatment on Kankara Kaolinite


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Issue No. 14 (Autumn 2012)

Shen On Music in Samuel Beckett
Stetz The Brave Little Toaster from Print to Film: Obsolescent Appliances and Capitalist Allegories
De Sanctis From Psychoanalysis to Politics: Antigone as a Revolutionary in Judith Butler and Slavoj Žižek
Warren-Gash Diagnosing Influenza for Research
Grangier Critical Review of Managed Annihilation, Dean Bavington


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Issue No. 13 (Special issue: Fragile Realities)

Viitanen The Cinematic Land of Tapio: Suburban Finland Reimagined
Chow The Landmark on Film: Representations of Place and Identity
Sutherland Shifting Realities: Migration and Surreality in the Work of Remedios Varo
Smalley Lost In Thought: Authenticity in Rap and Literature – A Swedish Case Study
Bloch Realism Bites! The Impact of a Fictional Teen Suicide on West German Public Debates in the 1980s
Spencer-Hall Post-Mortem Projections: Medieval Mystical Resurrection and the Return of Tupac Shakur


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Issue No. 12 (Spring 2012)

Mowat Towards Egalitarian Distributive Justice
Lakhkar & Salih Heavy metal: Perspectives on the controversy surrounding metal-on-metal hip...
Humphrey How Drugs Modify The Micturition Reflex: A Review
Amirgaliyeva Evaluation of the importance of mathematical modelling in finance through a...
Russell Review: The West End Front: Wartime Secrets of London’s Grand Hotels


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Issue No. 11 (Autumn 2011)

Rogers Spinoza and Toleration
Sami & Sedgwick Do RCTs Provide Better Evidence than Observational Studies?
Palmer Has the Worldwide Convergence on the Anglo-American Style Shareholder Model...
Lobo Why is the Environmental Justice Movement so much Stronger in the USA than in Europe?
Morris-Marsham & Moore The Impact of Solar Panels on the Price and Saleability of...
Lobo Report for Planners on the Urban Politics of Deptford Regeneration
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Issue No. 10 (Spring 2011)

Karch Theatre for the People: the Impact of Brechtian Theory on the Production and...
Mahler Diverging Fortunes: Recent Developments in Income Inequality across Ryssian Regions     
McFarlane A Treat to Touch:the Material Surface in Three Short Films by Carl Theodor Dreyer
O'Keefe How Will Research in Neuroscience Influence the Practice of Psychiatry in the Next...   
Zamora & Gélinas Spleen, Nostalgia, and the Reconstruction of Human Time in Leonardo...


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Issue No. 9 (Autumn 2010)

Arshad Aemilia Lanyer and Shakespeare's Helena
Copley Modes of Representing the Holocaust: a Discussion of the Use of Animation in Art...
Wotton What was Manna?

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Issue No. 8 (Spring 2010)

Aru When Translating Becomes a Ludic Ativity    
Fine-Goulden Should Childhood Vaccination be Compulsory in the UK?
Gurses Out of Place in Istanbul
Kiourti Between Telemetry: Communication Between Implanted Devices and the External World    
McFadden Interrupted Discourse and Ethical Judgement in Jonathan Littell's The Kindly Ones     
Trispiotis Socio-Economic Rights: Legally Enforceable or Just Aspirational?


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Issue No. 7 (Autumn 2009)

Beaney Beautiful Death: the Nineteenth-Century Fascination with Antigone    
Dennis The Place of Bloomsbury in the Novels of George Gissing
Di Giminiani The Italian Experience at its Periphery: Change and Continuity in the Psychiatric...   
Hiltbrunner The Grey Woman and Bluebeard's Bride: Comparisons Between Elizabeth Gaskell... 
Wotton Angels, Putti, Dragons and Fairies: Believing the Impossible
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Issue No. 6 (Spring 2009)

Bintley Life-Cycles of Men and Trees in Sonatorrek
Gyngell Writing the Unthinkable: Narrative, the Bomb and Nuclear Holocaust    
Lim Dream Isle
Thomas 'Grease and Slide Back into the Union': Patriotic Essentialism, the Civil War...
Thomas 'I Killed Him for the Money': The American Dream in Billy Wilder's Double Indemnity     
Tritt Stereotyping and Society: a Barrier to Achieving Social Equality


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Issue No. 5 (Autumn 2008)

Buch It's All About the Money? Issues for the Regulation of Genetic Testing     
Fysh Alienation and the City, or, How to Find and Lose Yourself in Berlin and Kars
Hopper Post Apartheid South Africa; Evaluating South Africa's Institutional Design    
Jones A Spectral Turn Around Venice     
McFadden The Reliability of the Narrator in Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children and...
Mukherjee Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: a New Hope or a New Controversy?
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Issue No. 4 (Spring 2008)

Bentley The Mind-Reading Wizards
Cheng The Future of You     
Clare Mental Illness: Medication or Therapy?
Destrooper It Takes Two to Tango: How Moscow's Influence on the United Nations was Shaped...
Dunn The Shaking Palsy - Advances in Our Understanding of Parkinson's Disease
Henderson The Use of Force in Somalia and Issues Relating to the Legality of Ethiopian and...
Moran Challenging the Republic: Interpreting the 2005 Urban Violence in French Suburbs
Ridpath From Forger to Author: William Henry Ireland's Shakespeare Papers
Zanatta Intercultural Therapy and Ethnopsychoanalysis: are They Both 'Possession'?


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Issue No. 3 (Autumn 2007)

Woolridge Activist Essayism      
Flower & Taylor The Past Beneath Our Feet: UCL's New Institute for Cultural Heritage Sits...
Nwokolo Cultural Diversity Education: Does this 'Soft Science' Deserve a Place in Medical... 
Lange Monstrosity, Anxiety and the Real: Representations of the Victorian Metropolis in...
Wotton The Tem Plagues of Egypt
Stevens Carnival and Comedy: on Bakhtin's Misreading of Boccaccio
Bentley What are You Looking at?
Franklin Enhancing Urban Productivity in Africa
Hilton Death and Dying in the Upanisads, Bhagavad-Gita and Caraka Samhita
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Issue No. 2 (Spring 2007)

James The Forgotten Rights - the Case for the Legal Enforcement of Socio-Economic Rights...
Sebastian The Second Decade: What Can We Do About the Adolescent Brain?
Gavin The Word of the Father / the Body of the Mother: Dimensions of Gender in Tarkovsky's...
Andreev To What Extent are International Organizations (IOs) Autonomous Actors in World...
Ng Poetry of Squalor: Exploring the Borgata in Pier Paolo Pasolini's Accattone     
Huang Scopic Regime and Organised Walking - a Typological Study on the Modern Museum    
Sullivan Anti-Bardolatry Through the Ages - or, Why Voltaire, Tolstoy, Shaw and...


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Issue No. 1 (Autumn 2006)

Salverda Multilingual London and its Literatures
Matthews Reading W.G. Sebald with Alberto Giacometti
Gofur A Panoptic Study of Corruption
Holmes Building Bridges and Breaking Boundaries: Modernity and Agoraphobia
Melioli Seeing the Unseen. Optic, Acoustic and the Space Between.
Chen Dividing Hedging and Gambling: Legal Implications of Derivative Instruments
Grass Houellebecq and the Novel as Site of Epistemic Rebellion

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