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Salih, Vehid, UCL Eastman Dental Institute (United Kingdom)
Salverda, Reiner, UCL (United Kingdom)
Sami, Talha, UCL (United Kingdom)
Sciepko-Cram, Dorota, UCL (United Kingdom)
Sebastian, Catherine, UCL (United Kingdom)
Sedgwick, Philip, UCL (United Kingdom)
Sewell, Martin, UCL (United Kingdom)
Shen, Xuyan, UCL (alumni)
Shepley, Nick, UCL (United Kingdom)
Short, Tim L, UCL
Skagerberg, Elin, Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust & University College London
Skelton, Susan
Skelton, Susan, Department of Physics and Astronomy, UCL
Skelton, Susan, UCL (United Kingdom)
Smalley, Nichola, UCL
Smalley, Nichola, Department of Scandinavian Studies, UCL (United Kingdom)
Smith, Adam I.P., UCL (United Kingdom)
Smith, Greg J. (Canada)
Soliman, Asmaa, UCL (United Kingdom)
Sorensen, Eli Park, UCL (United Kingdom)
Sotomayor, Camila, BARTLETT SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE Founder/Director > Department of Decay PhD in Architectural Design Student Unit Tutor - Master in Architecture of Urban Design Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL (United Kingdom)
Spencer-Hall, Alicia, French Department, UCL (United Kingdom)
Spencer-Hall, Alicia, UCL (United Kingdom)
Sterling, Colin, UCL (United Kingdom)
Stetz, Margaret Diane, University of Delaware (United States)

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