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Banerjee, Ambily, UCL (United Kingdom)
Baron-Cohen, Simon, University of Cambridge
Bartos, Helene, UCL (United Kingdom)
Beaney, Tara, UCL (United Kingdom)
Beech, Nicholas, UCL (United Kingdom)
Bennet, Sophie, UCL (United Kingdom)
Bentley, Peter J., UCL (United Kingdom)
Berry, Michael, Psychoanalysis Unit, Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology, University College London (United Kingdom)
Bia, Jesse, Department of Anthropology University College London (United Kingdom)
Bintley, Michael D.J., UCL (United Kingdom)
Bloch, Kinga S., Centre for European Studies, UCL (United Kingdom)
Blunt, Gwilym David, UCL (United Kingdom)
Bogers, Thijs, UCL (United Kingdom)
Bovingdon, Mike, UCL (United Kingdom)
Bradshaw, Megan, UCL (United Kingdom)
Brodie, Geraldine, UCL
Brown, Katherine, Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment, UCL
Buch, Rachit, UCL (United Kingdom)
Buck, David N, The Bartlett School of Architecture / UCL (United Kingdom)
Burningham, Helene, Coastal & Estuarine Research Unit, UCL Department of Geography
Byron, Kimberley, UCL (United Kingdom)

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